Jesse is both an awesome practitioner and amazing instructor.  My son found his passion because of Jesse and his team and I can’t thank them enough. -Nathan DuBois

My son has been training at Curtis Karate since kindergarten and has loved it ever since.  It’s a great place of instruction for discipline, respect, and self defense.  I highly recommend Curtis Karate for kids wanting to learn karate and self discipline  -Marketa Cafourkova O’ Connell

We tried another dojo before, it was fun but didn’t look serious and I didn’t have the feeling my child was learning much.  We discovered Curtis Karate and are really happy about it and my son just loves to going there!
-Mike Laboulle

My 2 kids (5 & 6) have only been going to the Curtis Karate Dojo for almost 2 months and they absolutely love it. They constantly want to go and practice at home. The Sensei(s) are amazing with them. Sensei Jesse and Sensei Kat are by far the kids’ favorites and the kids have been doing so much better at home since they started to go. I highly recommend the Curtis Karate program to any child! -Dennis Evey

My sons trained with Jesse and Dani and I was amazed at what they were actually teaching my boys. It focused on character development, being good leaders, responsibility and focusing on goals. It wasn’t about fighting and winning, but about mastering your skills and how to be in life in general. A great place to give young kids a headstart in maturity.
-Laura Horton Roth

Our children have absolutely loved Curtis Karate! Sensei Jesse and Sensei Kat have been amazing! Both are very kind and fun while instructing classes. We also love Miss Kayla who runs the desk! She is so sweet and always super helpful! You can not go wrong with this Karate School!
-Jessica Mycek